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Rainforests face serious constant threat, with global implications. Stand with us and learn about, explore issues concerning, and support preserving the rainforest
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Our series of five 10 minute videos which will guide you through the issues facing the rainforest, why we should care about them, and what we can do to help and support positive change


Rainforest WAKEUP supports and produces various projects to educate, inspire and help raise awareness of rainforest preservation


What is Rainforest WAKEUP?

Rainforest WAKEUP is a video documentary series initiated and led by members of The Pump House Youth Theatre, exploring issues that our global rainforests continue to face. The series is a follow-on from an original play we performed in 2018, which aimed to raise awareness of the threats facing Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest. We were incredibly fortunate to work with and perform alongside Javier Hualinga in the production, tour guide for Pump House volunteer, Sharon Gaffney, who visited the Amazon and subsequently brought the idea of creating this educational play to the Pump House. Belonging to the indigenous Kichwa nationality in Ecuador, the knowledge Javier shared with us brought us closer to the plight of indigenous communities, how we are connected to it despite being miles away, and why it’s so important for all of us that we stand with them on these issues.

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